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Music is part of our life, nearly everybody will listen to the music, no matter what nation they are from. Music is divided into many types, such as the blues, the country music, the rock and roll. Once blues belonged to the black people, but as time went by, music is accepted by all classes. People always share the hottest songs together, just like they can communicate. Once in the foreign country, I had dinner in a restaurant, where there had the singers. People enjoyed the music when they were eating. At this moment, it was music that brought people together, and they share the same emotion.音乐是我们生活的一部分,几乎每个人都会听音乐。音乐分为很多类型,如蓝调,乡村音乐,摇滚等。蓝调曾经只属于黑人,但随着时间的流逝,音乐被所有阶层接受。人们总是一起分享热门的歌曲,似乎它们之间是可以进行交流的。我曾经在国外的一家餐馆吃晚饭,那里有歌手唱歌。人们一边吃一边享受音乐。此时此刻,是音乐把人们聚集在了一起,分享着相同的情感。

Nowadays, electronic music is very popular around the world. First electronic music got popular from Lady Gaga, her creative dressing styles caught people’s attention and then people started to notice her music. They fell in love with her electronic music. Unlike rock and roll music, electronic music is more favorable by me. It makes me excited and I am totally lost in the wonderful music. Once my friends and I went to a music festival. There were so many people standing there and listening to the music. Especially when the DJ came out and everybody got excited. When the DJ played electronic music, my friends and I shook our bodies and joined the crowd to dance. It was such a wonderful experience for me. I will never forget the power of electronic music. It brings people together and share the same emotion.电子音乐现在在世界各地都很受欢迎。电子音乐是从Lady Gaga开始流行的,她奇特的穿衣风格引起了人们的注意,然后大家开始注意到了她的音乐,并且爱上了她的电子音乐。它跟摇滚音乐不一样,我更加喜欢电子音乐,这可以让我兴奋。我完全迷失在美妙的音乐中。有一次我和我的朋友们去了一个音乐节。很多人站在那里听音乐。特别是当DJ出来时,每个人都很兴奋。DJ播放电子音乐时,我和我的朋友都扭动着身体,加入了人群中跳起舞来。这对我来说是那么奇妙的经历。我永远不会忘记电子音乐的力量,它使人与人走到一起,分享着相同的情感。

News was broadcast mainly by newspapers, and radios. Books were the most common carrier of the new knowledge and reading was the main activity people spent their spare time. People really read those word over and over until they could recite them and understood more behind the words.

First thing first, the material life has been enriched considerably.

yabovip04,China is probably one of the countries which developed in past few decades. I was born in the early 1980's, then I will compare the lifestyles now and then from my own perspective.

yabo平台网址,Think about the essay title from this week:

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Choose one idea of how life in your country now is different from the past. Think of some examples or details to support your point. Write one paragraph about this change and post it in the discussion below.

Once you have written your paragraph, read through some posts by other participants. Is life in their country similar to your own, or is it different? Leave a comment about the differences, similarities and paragraph organisation.

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